Neuroscience Methods and Progress

Course Information:
Course name:Neuroscience Methods and Progress
Course number:
Course start time: Spring
Number of classes: 36
Teaching mode: Lecture
Teacher in charge: Wei Lu
Contact Number: 83790961

Course Introduction:
This course is designed to help the graduate students be familiar with history and evolution of techniques used in Neuroscience research, as well as the conventional and state-of-the-art techniques used by Neuroscientists. The students will learn about current popular research topics and gain the ability to gather useful information to address scientific questions. Students will have the hands-on experience with some of the most advanced imaging and electrophysiology methods. In addition, this course will introduce some progresses in neuroscience.

Agenda details:

(1) Animal Behavior

(2) In vivo techniques and animal surgeries

(3) Electophysiology – extracellular; intracellular; patch-clamp recordings

(4) Microscopy – fluorescence microscopy; electron microscopy and data analysis

(5) Visualising Nervous System Structure – sample preparation; qualitative and quantitative study

(6) Cell culture techniques – how to prepare and manipulate samples

(7) Visualising nervous system fuctions

(8) Hands-on experience with Electrophysiological methods with focus on patch clamp

(9) Hands-on experience with imaging methods – conventional fluorescence microscopes; confocal microscopes and multiphoton microscopes