Zichao Zhang


Associate Professor

Institute of Life Sciences

Southeast University

Nanjing, China


LiWenZheng Building,

Phone: 025-83790939


EducationandWork Experience

1998-2002, Nanjing University,Biochemistry, B.S.

2002-2005, Nanjing University,Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major, M.S.

2005-2011, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (USA), Cell Regulation Program, Ph.D

2011-2012, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (USA), Department of Pharmacology, Postdoctoral Fellow

2012-present, Southeast University, Institute of Life Sciences,Associate Professor

Resarch Insterests:

   Mental Retardation and neurodegenerative diseases affect a large population and put a huge burden on healthcare system. So far we know little about their pathological mechanism and lack effective treatments. They are still the major challenges in biomedical field. Studies on neuron development, synapse formation and maintenance, neurotransmission and circuit formation are the key to solve the problem.We use a combination of diverse approaches, such as biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, structural biology, bioinformatics and genetics, to study the regulation of gene expression, protein-protein interactions, intracellular trafficking of the macromolecules during these processes. We are trying to unveil the molecular mechanism of neuron development and neurodegeneration, and develop new treatment strategies for the diseases.


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