Molecular Genetics

Course Information:
Course name: molecular genetics
Course number: B041109
Course start time: Autumn
Number of classes: 54
Teaching mode: Lecture
Teacher in charge: Xiangdong Liu
Contact Number: 83790962

Course Introduction:
This course provides the students with fundamental concepts about molecular genetics. The contents include human genomics, sequence analysis, genome-wide association studies, etc.

Agenda details:

1. Indroduction to Humman Genomics

2. The Genomic Landscape

3. Biological Sequence Analysis I

4. Biological Sequence Analysis II

5. Genome-Wide Association Studies

6. Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies

7. Large-Scale Expression Analysis

8. Cancer Genomics I

9. Cancer Genomics II

10. Pharmacogenomics

11. Regulatory and Epigenetic Landscapes of Mammalian Genomes

12. Genomics of model organisms

13. Future of Genetics Research