Molecular Neurobiology

Course Information:
Course name:Molecular Neurobiology
Course number:
Course start time: Spring
Number of classes: 36
Teaching mode: Lecture
Teacher in charge: Zhengping Jia
Contact Number: 83790961

Course Introduction:
The course will focus on various hot research topics. The students will get familiar with basic knowledge of synaptic transmission and plasticity, and know the various techniques utilized in today’s neuroscience research. Meanwhile, the students will learn the ability to understand and critically assess research topics and articles, learn to how to raise questions, formulate hypothesis and address questions, using specific examples, and learn to how write a research article.

Agenda details:

  1. Neuronal morphology;

  2. Basic principles of synaptic transmission;

  3. Synaptic plasticity (LTP and LTD);

  4. Glutamate Receptors;

  5. Molecular mechanisms of LTP and LTD;

  6. Techniques in molecular neuroscience;

  7. Molecular genetic manipulations in model systems;

  8. Molecular mechanisms of learning and memory;

  9. Animal models of synaptic deficits and brain diseases.