Junhai Han


General information:

Name: Junhai HanPh.D. Professor

Tel: 86-25-83790962

E-mail: junhaihan@seu.edu.cn


Academic Background:

2008-presentThe Institute of Life Sciences, Southeast University, Professor

2004-2008Department of Neurobiology, University of Massachusetts Medical School. Postdoctoral Research Fellow

1999-2004Nanjing University, China,Ph.D.

1995-1999Nanjing University, China,B.Sc.


Research Interests:

Our lab is interested in the mechanism of neuronal circuit formation, and the correlation between neuronal circuit function and animal behaviors. Combined genetics, molecular and cell biological, electrophysiological and behavioral approaches, we use the Drosophilaand mice as models to investigate the molecular function of key autism-related genes and the pathological mechanism of autism spectrum disorders.


Representative Publications:* corresponding author; # equal contributor

1.Li Q#, Li Y#, Wang X#, Qi J, Jin X, Tong H, Zhou Z, Zhang ZC, Han J* (2017). Fbxl4 Serves as a Clock Output Molecule that Regulates Sleep through Promotion of Rhythmic Degradation of the GABAA Receptor. Curr Biol. 27:3616-3625.

2.Liu L#, Tian Y#, Zhang XY, Zhang X, Li T, Xie W, Han J* (2017). Neurexin Restricts Axonal Branching in Columns by Promoting Ephrin Clustering. Dev Cell.41:94-106. (Cover Story)

3.Wang X#, Mu Y, Sun M, Han J* (2017). Bidirectional regulation of fragile X mental retardation protein phosphorylation controls rhodopsin homoeostasis. J Mol Cell Biol. 9:104-116.

4.Tong H#, Li Q, Zhang ZC, Li Y, Han J* (2016). Neurexin regulates nighttime sleep by modulating synaptic transmission. Sci Rep. 6:38246.

5.Wan D#, Zhang ZC#, Zhang X, Li Q, Han J* (2015). X chromosome-linked intellectual disability protein PQBP1 associates with and regulates the translation of specific mRNAs. Hum Mol Genet. 24:4599-614

6.Li T#, Tan Y, Li Q, Chen H, Lv H, Xie W, Han J* (2015). The Neurexin-NSF interaction regulates short-term synaptic depression. J Biol Chem. 290:17656-67. (Cover Story).

7.Hu W#, Wang T, Wang X, and Han J* (2015). Ih Channels Control Feedback Regulation from Amacrine Cells to Photoreceptors. PLos Biology. 13:e1002115.

8.Li Y#, Zhou Z#, Zhang X, Tong H, Li P, Zhang ZC, Jia Z, Xie W*, Han J* (2013). Drosophila Neuroligin 4 Regulates Sleep through Modulating GABA Transmission.J Neurosci. 33:15545-54.

9.Tian Y#, Li T, Sun M, Wan D, Li Q, Li P, Zhang Z, Han J*, Wei Xie* (2013). Neurexin Regulates Visual Function via Mediating Retinoid Transport to Promote Rhodopsin Maturation. Neuron 77: 311-322.

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12.Han J#, Reddig K and Li HS* (2007). Prolonged Gq activity triggers fly rhodopsin endocytosis and degradation and reduces photoreceptor sensitivity. EMBO J 26:4966-73.

13.Han J#, Gong P#, Reddig K#, Mitra M, Guo P and Li HS* (2006). The fly CAMTA transcription factor potentiates deactivation of the G protein-coupled light receptor rhodopsin. Cell 127: 847-858.